Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

Welcome Screen

The Weight Loss Program Welcome Screen looks like this:

Welcome Screen

This screen gives you a chance to enter information about yourself before the program starts for the first time. If you would rather explore the program first, then simply click on the Ask Me Later button and proceed to learn more about Weight Loss Program.

The settings here allow you to:

Select the measurement units. There are two sets of measurement units. You can choose feet, inches and pounds or meters, centimeters and kilograms from the drop-down menu. You can also enter the units in Edit > Preferences > Units in the main menu later. For more information, see Units.

Set your goal. Before you begin to lose, maintain or gain weight, you should set your goal. Enter your current weight and your goal weight and set the date by which you want to reach your goal. If you wish, you can do this later in Goal > Set a New Goal in the main menu. For more information, see Setting a Goal.

Enter your personal data. Include your age, sex and height. If you wish, you can enter or edit this information later using Edit > Personal Info in the main menu.

Enter your starting body measurements. Include the circumference of your biceps, chest, waist, hips and thighs. These measurements are optional and you can enter them later in Journal > Body Measurements in the main menu. For more information, see Body Measurements.

After you have entered all the required data in the Welcome Screen, click Start and begin using Weight Loss Program. For more information on what to do next, see Main Window.

Getting Started Main Window
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