Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

Setting a Goal

With Weight Loss Program, your goal can be to:

  • lose weight;
  • maintain your current weight;
  • gain weight.

You can set your goal in the Welcome Screen when you run the program for the first time or you can choose to set it later.

To set a goal in the Welcome Screen:

  1. Enter your current weight.
  2. Enter your goal weight.
  3. Enter the date by which you want to reach your goal weight.
  4. Click Start.

Note: the period you set for reaching your goal must be at least 30 days.

To set a goal at any other stage of using Weight Loss Program:

  1. In the main Weight Loss Program window, go to the main menu and select Goal > Set a New Goal.
  2. Select your goal type: to change or maintain your weight. Enter the required data and click the Set button.
    Set New Goal

To see the information on your current goal, go to Goal > My Current Goal in the main menu.

You can set a new goal anytime, even before you reached your previous goal is reached. If you do this, the goal you interrupted will be marked as "Failed" in Goals History. For more information on Goals History, see Statistics.

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