Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

Food Database

To get to the Food Database window, click the Add Food button below the My Menu area in the main window. You will see this window with two tabs:

Food Database

Food Database Tab

On the Food Database tab you see the main Food Database of the program. The database contains 12,000+ foods organized into two major subfolders — Brand Name Foods and Common Foods (for unbranded or home produced food). Within each of these folders, similar foods are grouped by type (for example, bread, cheese, sausages, vegetables).

Note: in the trial version of Weight Loss Program, the Food Database is limited to non-brand name foods, which is just about 1/5 of the full database. When you buy the full version, you should update the Weight Loss Program database for brand name foods to be included into the Food Database. For more information on updating the database, please see Update.

To navigate the Food Database, use the mouse or the keyboard arrow keys. Up/down arrow moves between folders and food items, right arrow opens the folders and left arrow closes them. The drop-down menu just above the database tree always shows the current folder.

To copy a food to My Food Database, use the Copy to My Food Database button.

If you want to find a particular food in the Food Database, use the Search field. For more information on this, see Search.

The Nutrition Facts area displays information on the food item you selected in the Food Database. This information includes quantity, serving size and caloric value. Also displayed are the amounts of fat, carbohydrate, protein and essential minerals contained in the food. To see more detailed information about the food, including fat breakdown and additional minerals, click Show additional information. To hide it, click Hide additional information.

Nutrition Facts area

My Menu is the area where you enter the foods you eat each day. The Add Food to My Menu button allows you to quickly add the desired food from the Food Database to My Menu. For more information, see Adding Food to My Menu.

The drop-down calendar lets you see My Menu for a particular date directly from the Add Food window.

My Food Database Tab

My Food Database

The My Food Database tab looks similar to the Food Database tab. The main difference is that all of the foods shown in this database are added by you. For detailed information on adding foods to My Food Database and editing food entries, see My Food Database.

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