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My Food Database

My Food Database lets you create your own list of foods. These can be foods you have not found in the main Food Database or the ones you consume regularly and do not want to keep searching for in the Food Database each time you are going to add them to My Menu.

To get to My Food Database, click the Add Food button in the main window and click the My Food Database tab. You will see this window:

My Food Database window

The My Food Database tab has the same areas and uses the same navigation methods as the Food Database tab. For more info on the Food Database, see Food Database Tab. The difference is that here you can create and edit food entries via the extra buttons seen underneath the foods list.

Adding Food to My Food Database

You can add food to My Food Database by copying foods from the main Food Database. If the required food is not in the Food Database, you can create a new food entry.

To copy a food from the main Food Database to My Food Database:

  1. Click the Add Food button in the main window.
  2. Select a food in the Food Database.
  3. Click the Copy to My Food Database button below the foods list or right-click the food and select Copy to My Food Database. You will see this window:
    Copy to My Food Database
    Note: the details in the My Food Database list shown here will probably be different on your PC.
  4. Select the folder where you want to place this food. You can also create a new folder from this window by clicking the New Folder button on the right.
  5. Click OK to save the food to the selected folder. If you do not select any specific folder, the food will be saved to the Custom Food folder.

To create a new food entry in My Food Database:

  1. On the My Food Database tab, select the folder where you want to create a new food (to create a new folder, click the New Folder button), then click the New Food button:
    New Food button
    Alternatively, you can right-click the desired folder and select New Food from the pop-up menu.
    You will see this window:
    New Food window
  2. Enter the name of the product and all the information you have about it: caloric value, nutritional value (fats, protein, carbohydrates, minerals), etc. This information is often provided on the product packaging. If you cannot find detailed information to fill all the fields of the New Food window, enter as much as you can. However, at a minimum, you must enter a caloric value because Weight Loss Program needs it for calculating your daily caloric intake.

    Use the Serving Size Settings button to specify the size of a serving of the food. For more information on this, see Serving Size Settings.
  3. Click OK to save the new food. This new item can then be used in the normal way.

Editing a Food in My Food Database

You can edit information about any food in My Food Database (for instance, the name, serving size, nutritional information).

To edit a food in My Food Database:

  1. Select the food from the list.
  2. Click the Edit button, or right-click the food and choose Edit from the pop-up menu or press F2 on the keyboard.
  3. Change the data and click OK to save the changes.

To edit the default serving size and units, click the Serving Size Settings button. You will see this window:

Serving Size Settings

On food packages, caloric and nutritional values are usually based on 100 g quantities. However, we seldom eat exactly 100 g of a food, or we may prefer different measurement units such as ounces (oz). With Weight Loss Program, you can set a realistic default serving size for each product you eat regularly. If you do this, caloric value and nutritional information in the Nutrition Facts area of My Food Database will be shown for your usual serving sizeand in your preferred units instead of a nominal 100 g quantity. This makes it easier for you to track how much you actually consume.

To change the default serving size, just type the desired value into the Default Serving Size field and click OK.

To change the default serving units, select a serving unit from the list and click the Set Default button.

Deleting a Food from My Food Database

To delete a food from My Food Database:

  1. Select the food you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button, or right-click the food and choose Delete from the pop-up menu, or press Delete on the keyboard.
  3. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

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