Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

Activity Database

To get to the Activity Database of Weight Loss Program, click the Add Activity button below the My Routine area in the main window. You will see this window with two tabs:

Activity Database

Activity Database Tab

On the Activity Database tab you see the Activity Database of Weight Loss Program. The database contains more than 600 assorted activities. Similar activities are grouped by type, such as dancing, lawn and garden, winter activities and so on.

To navigate the Activity Database, use the mouse or the keyboard arrow keys. Up/down arrow moves between folders and activity items, right arrow opens the folders and left arrow closes them. The drop-down menu just above the database tree always shows the current folder.

To copy an activity to My Activity Database, use the Copy to My Activity Database button.

If you want to find a particular activity in the Activity Database, use the Search field. For more information on this, see Search.

In the Activity Info area, you see the information on the activity you selected in the Activity Database: duration and calories burned during the activity.

Activity Info area

If you have not yet entered your weight into Weight Loss Program, you will not see the number of calories expended because this partly depends on your weight. To enter your current weight, click Edit weight data in the Activity Info area.

Activity Info area

My Routine is the area where you enter the activities you perform each day. The Add Activity to My Routine button lets you quickly add the desired activity from the Activity Database to My Routine. For more information, see Adding Activity to My Routine.

The drop-down calendar lets you see My Routine for a particular date directly from the Add Activity window.

My Activity Database Tab

My Activity Database

The My Activity Database tab looks similar to the Activity Database tab. The main difference is that all of the activities shown in this database are added by you. For detailed information on adding activities to My Activity Database and editing activity entries, see My Activity Database.

My Food Database Adding Activity to My Routine
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