Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.


Preferences is the section of the program where you can set your choices concerning the way Weight Loss Program works. To configure Weight Loss Program settings, choose Edit > Preferences from the main menu. In Preferences, you can configure the following: Units, Startup, Reminder, Update, Tips.

Units Tab

You can choose the system of units used for body measurements. The two options are: "foot, inch, pound" and "meter, centimeter, kilogram". By default, the units that you set in the Welcome Screen are used. To change the units, select the desired option:

Preferences - Units

Note: the choice of units affects only weight and circumference measurements. Regardless of which system of units you choose, food nutrition facts are given in grams.

Startup Tab

If you want Weight Loss Program to run automatically each time you turn on your computer, check the Add to Startup checkbox. By default, it is unchecked.

Preferences - Startup

Reminder Tab

To keep track of your changing weight, Weight Loss Program needs new information to be added regularly. If you check the Remind Me checkbox, the program will remind you that you have not entered body measurements, or foods to My Menu, or activities to My Routine.

When the main window of the program is open, you are reminded by a message concerning the missing data:


If you want to enter your data when reminded, press Yes. A window where you can enter the required data will be opened. Otherwise, just press No and the reminder will close.

When the main window is closed and the program sits in the tray, you are reminded by yellow balloons that appear above the Weight Loss Program icon in the notification area:


If you want to enter your data when reminded, click the balloon. A window where you can enter the required data will be opened.

If you do not want to enter the data when reminded, close the balloon or wait for 30 seconds. The balloon will be closed automatically.

Reminders pop up every 4 hours. If there is a food or activity you would like to add to My Menu or My Routine, it is better to do it straightaway without waiting for the next reminder. The reason for this is that the program can make more accurate calculations more accurate when provided with timely entry of data.

Update Tab

With the full version of Weight Loss Program, you can download free updates of the Food and Activity Databases.

Preferences - Update

If you want the program to check automatically for available updates and inform you about them, select the Auto Check for Updates radio button.

If you prefer to check for the updates yourself, select the Manual Check for Updates radio button.

For more information on updating the databases, see Update.

Tips Tab

By default, Weight Loss Program shows you step-by-step tips on how to add foods to My Menu when you click the Add Food To My Menu button and how to add activities to My Routine when you click the Add Activity To My Routine button.

If you do not want Weight Loss Program to show you these tips, then uncheck the appropriate checkbox in Edit > Preferences > Tips as shown here:

Preferences - Tips

You can also uncheck the Show this window again checkbox on the tip window. This will have the same effect:

Tips: how to add food to My Menu

For more information on adding foods to My Menu, see Adding Food to My Menu.

For more information on adding activities to My Routine, see Adding Activity to My Routine.

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