Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

Tray Icon Menu

When you right-click the Weight Loss Program tray icon, you can see the following pop-up menu:

Tray Icon Menu

About – gives you general information about Weight Loss Program. This includes the current version of the software, whether the copy is registered or not and how many days of the trial period are left if the copy is not registered. The Weight Loss Program homepage and support team email address are also displayed here.

Show/Hide Weight Loss Program – opens/closes the main Weight Loss Program window.

Body Measurements – takes you to the Body Measurements window where you can enter and edit your weight and circumferences.

Add Food – takes you to the Add Food window where you can add foods to My Menu, edit foods in My Food Database and create new food entries.

Add Activity – takes you to the Add Activity window where you can add activities to My Routine, edit activities in My Activity Database and create new activities.

Exit – closes the Weight Loss Program window and removes the Weight Loss Program icon from the system tray.

When the Weight Loss Program main window is minimized to the tray, you will be periodically reminded about entering your weight and caloric intake or expenditure by yellow balloons if the Remind Me checkbox is checked in Edit > Preferences > Reminder. For more information, see Preferences – Reminder.

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