Weight Loss Program

A software tool that helps you control your weight.

How Weight Loss Program Works – Screenshots

When you run the program for the first time, you see the Welcome Screen where you can enter your starting information and specify your goal:

Welcome screen

After this you are taken to the Weight Loss Program main window which is inactive yet. For Weight Loss Program to calculate your caloric balance and give you a recommendation, you should enter the details of the food you consume and the activities you perform into My Menu and My Routine.

Main window

You add the foods you have consumed to My Menu by selecting them from the searchable Food Database:

Food Database window

To add the activities you perform to My Routine, use the Activity Database, which functions exactly as the Food Database:

Activity Database window

After you have entered this information, Weight Loss Program starts to track your progress. It calculates your caloric balance, gives you recommendations on what you should do to achieve your goal, and displays the calendar which lets you review your progress.

Main window

For the recommendations to be accurate, you should regularly add food to My Menu and activities to My Routine, as well as enter your weight and body measurements:

Body Measurements

Weight Loss Program stores all the information on your intake, expenditure, balance, body measurements and your goals, which you can see in Statistics:

Statistics: Intake-Expenditure

Statistics: Body Measurements

Statistics: Goals History

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